TKKS Website Reconstructed version number updates massively

The official update version for the TKKS Website Reconstructed has risen in a skip from V3.3 all the way to V4!

This was done following mass production to the TKKS Website Reconstructed in the past weeks to full-speed-ahead towards the TKKS Website Reconstructed being promoted to Alpha, a state of the TKKS Website Reconstructed that is now essentially just around the corner!

If you've been visiting the TKKS Website Reconstructed every day, you should have noticed the version going up in a certain area periodically! This will continue to happen until the TKKS Website Reconstructed reaches full completion, so make sure to check it every day! You could even take note of when the version goes up to keep your own archives!

If you haven't been visiting the TKKS Website Reconstructed every day, now would be a good time to start! Make sure to visit the TKKS Website Reconstructed every day!