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Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.14!

It's time to update your browser extension for the last time of this year, because the TKKS Perfection Search web browser extension has officially received the V1.14 update, which is it's last update in 2022! This update adds the again-revamped TKKS SwiftSelector of Perfection cursor to your perfection opening, & updates some minor URL redirections. Now you can open with even more perfection with Perfection Search V1.14!

TKKS Fun Fact: This is (officially) the last one of these for 2022!

The weekly TKKS Website App Fun Fact that you see today is officially the final Fun Fact you will see for the entirety of the rest of 2022, as not enough days remain in the year to have another one by the next Thursday! 2022 has been a year of a lot of perfection & a lot of delays. Many major events & updates happened during 2022, & on the final day of it, you will see the final official summary of all of them on the  TKKS Website App ! An official agenda for perfection has been released from the owner of TKKS to give you a small hint of what's to come of TKKS perfection in 2023 . Additionally, get ready for the official TKKS 2023 poster to be released on the first day of it!

Merry Christmas 2022!

TKKS wishes you a Merry Christmas with lots of Games, Entertainment, Fun, & perfection! Christmas is a great time to relax in a cold (or warm!) & dark room illuminated by colorful lights, drink some milk, eat some cookies, & enjoy some seasonal perfection! While we don't know if you do anything before that last part, you can definitely always enjoy some seasonal perfection by checking up on the  TKKS Website App & the TKKS Culture of Perfection website ! An exclusive Christmas artistic work from perfectionartist  Breanna Peña has been released today! Aside from the gift of artistic masterpieces, TKKS also grants you access to a full-refresher on the  TKKS 'Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™'  perfection movement motto, what it means for both you & TKKS, & all it stands for. Simply open a secret button on the page to find it! Also, Merry Christmas to all, & to all a good night!

TKKS to resume standard update pace speed in 2023

It's no secret that during the course of 2022, general TKKS updates have been released at a largely slower pace that only seemed to gradually become slower over time. This is mostly due to the still-ongoing production of the  TKKS Website Reconstructed , among other minor inconveniences & technical difficulties. Major progress has been made on the  TKKS Website Reconstructed  (by which we mean just over 3% of it has been completed. May not sound like much, but it translates to A LOT in perfection numbers!), & it is due to this that TKKS heavily projects standard updates to immediately resume to standard pace exactly on January 2nd, 2023. Be sure to check the  TKKS Website App  every day, but specifically especially at the end of the year to see the final layout of all TKKS 2022 progress!

A new variant (mix) of the Cristil Crum Theme™ has officially been released!

The all-NEW 'Would Be So' mix of the Cristil Crum Theme™ has officially been released! This variation of the music comes months after a completely coincidental post from the official Cristil Crum Series™ Twitter account , outlining the would-be lyrics to the music . This is the second official mix of the Cristil Crum Theme™ to be released, with the first being the Ultraneo Mix .

TKKS Fun Fact: There's a double (triple, if you count this) of these today, & it's going to be the last of the year!

Today is Thursday, December 1st. This means that it's TKKS Fun Fact Thursday for the TKKS Website App, as well as TKKS Monthly Fun Fact Day for the TKKS Website Classic! It's also going to be the last time this year that you see a double Fun Fact, because the next TKKS Website Classic Fun Fact is going to be on January 1st, 2023! Celebrate the Fun Fact marathon with a perfection marathon of your own!