Merry Christmas 2022!

TKKS wishes you a Merry Christmas with lots of Games, Entertainment, Fun, & perfection!

Christmas is a great time to relax in a cold (or warm!) & dark room illuminated by colorful lights, drink some milk, eat some cookies, & enjoy some seasonal perfection!

While we don't know if you do anything before that last part, you can definitely always enjoy some seasonal perfection by checking up on the TKKS Website App & the TKKS Culture of Perfection website! An exclusive Christmas artistic work from perfectionartist Breanna Peña has been released today!

Aside from the gift of artistic masterpieces, TKKS also grants you access to a full-refresher on the TKKS 'Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™' perfection movement motto, what it means for both you & TKKS, & all it stands for. Simply open a secret button on the page to find it!

Also, Merry Christmas to all, & to all a good night!