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Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.13!

The TKKS Perfection Search web browser extension has officially been updated to V1.13! This all-NEW update implements another update import from the ever-in-production TKKS Website Reconstructed to ensure that you can open with even more perfection. However, the said update being implemented is actually one of the NEWER features of the TKKS Website Reconstructed, & though nothing that happens to the TKKS Website Reconstructed will be considered an actual update until it reaches completion, the update will be considered an update to Perfection Search, henceforth being the ALL-NEW Gradiental Update! This update adds dark gradiental transitions to certain areas of your perfection opening, which can have various effects depending on what you (the user) does & where the gradients are implemented. The Gradiental Update can be considered as an extension or add-on to the Tiles Update, as it is only implemented to (some) areas exclusive of the Utility Navigator where the Tiles Update is

Experimental or work-in-progress testing TKKS features can be found on!

If you want to test out any new work-in-progress TKKS features, functions, or new concepts, you probably want to search the website ! The website is an alternative & experimental TKKS website created & designed for experimental testing features. ( Well, actually it was originally intended for redirects , but experimental features seem more useful.) On , you can test features for a large variety of TKKS projects including, but not limited to: Art displays for the TKKS Culture of Perfection website , early beta features for the TKKS Perfection Search web browser extension , & most notably, work-in-progress concept features for the TKKS Website Reconstructed . Visit if you would like to see what TKKS has been working on in the meantime between updates!

Happy 2022 Thanksgiving!

TKKS wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving of absolute perfection, where, this time for the first time, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with a TKKS gift by your side! There's a lot to be thankful for this year, so if you've reached a state where you don't even know anymore, TKKS can give you something helpful to remember, such as how you can be thankful to have finally found an entity that is never anything short of absolute perfection! That very same entity happens to be thankful to have people like you who have done so much to contribute to perfection by doing things so little, such as visiting the TKKS websites & app every day! Speaking of which, there's a message awaiting you on the TKKS Website App for Thanksgiving right now! It's nice to know that you can celebrate Thanksgiving & Fun Fact Thursday on the same day. (Something else to be thankful for actually, because you might not have that next year!) Anyway, TKKS wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving & would like

The TKKS News website has officially been added to the TKKS Website Manager!

Among a vast amount of minor updates is a major- this time to the TKKS Website Manager, where the TKKS News website has officially been added to the website list! The TKKS News website is the 15th TKKS website to exist, making it also the 15th website added to the TKKS Website Manager! The TKKS Culture of Perfection website was the last website added to the TKKS Website Manager before TKKS News. Visit the TKKS Website Manager to see a full list view of every TKKS website to ever exist!

The wave of TKKS Month of Pixels art has officially been released!

A wave of TKKS Franchise art for the yearly TKKS Month of Pixels event has officially been released! Experience the official greatest in Pixel Perfect™ art for this year!

TKKS Fun Fact: These happen a lot more frequently on the app!

Know how the TKKS Websites get a new Fun Fact every month? Checking them is good, but on the TKKS Website App, you get a new TKKS Fun Fact every WEEK instead! It's Fun Facts at a fun pace packed in a program of quick & convenient perfection. Check the TKKS Website App every day! Or, install it if for some reason you haven't already!

TKKS Update: The TKKS News website is officially live!

The all-NEW official TKKS News website has been released! Now, you can come to this website to experience all TKKS updates in an all-new full-fledged style, now shown in their maximum glory with official update posts! Before, TKKS updates could only be officially seen frequently through TKKS social media. While there were & still are many TKKS products & other things that were/are being updated every day, official update posts were difficult to see without social media. So, TKKS has launched this all-new official news website, where you can see all of the latest TKKS News easily & conveniently! Make sure to visit the TKKS websites every day!  -

Make sure to visit the TKKS websites every day!