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Merry Christmas 2023!

It's time of year again to spread some holiday cheer! It is Christmas, & with that comes the perfect day for holiday cookies, relaxing next to a fire, & putting a smile on people's faces with presents! Which, regardless of how many of these (or more!) you may or may not have already done, TKKS is making sure to do the last one for you with a new Christmas wallpaper being released of the  Cristil Crum Series™ , on both the  TKKS News page  of the  TKKS Website Classic , & the detailed TKKS News section of the  TKKS Website App ! These wallpapers will be available until December 31st, so make sure to make use of them quickly! Also, be ready for the TKKS Update Summary to be released on the same day on the  TKKS Website App ! A lot of things have happened this year, (many behind the scenes!), & TKKS is very excited to put them on display for you! Anyway, enjoy the wallpapers , have fun, & have very  Merry Christmas!

There has been a new addition to the Culture of Perfection!

There is a new perfectionartist in the  TKKS Culture of Perfection ! As 2023 heads to a close, a new beginning arises with new perfectionartist ' NixieWulf ', joining the  Culture of Perfection  to provide some rapidly-produced perfection of her own! As time closes out in the year, it's nice to give a warm welcome to another gemstone of perfection through the  TKKS Culture of Perfection website .

Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.18!

It is once again time to update your browser extension, because Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.18! The central feature of Perfection Search is exactly that: the ability to search with perfection! Well, the V1.18 update to Perfection Search completely revolutionizes this by tuning your Perfection Search perfection searching into hyperdrive using an all-NEW somewhat experimental beta search feature currently being used both here & on the TKKS Website Reconstructed ! It's essentially just another feature taken from the TKKS Website Reconstructed & put into full-scale to allow you to have a whole new way to search with perfection! & now, you can have a whole new way to search with perfection when you update to Perfection Search V1.18, or add Perfection Search to your browser if you for some reason do not already have it! (By the way, one of the TKKS internalized updates you've probably been seeing in the Update Logs includes the addition of ne

TKKS Fun Fact: It's already December, & there's a dual Fun Fact!

Did you know, it's already December? It went by so fast! You would think there would be a little time left in the year, but no! We're just in December now! Or maybe you were expecting this the whole time & this isn't news to you at all... Either case could be true. But either way, what definitely should be news to you is the fact that there's dual fun ones on the TKKS websites ( & yes,   we mean plural, websites ). It's the same Fun Fact on both of them, which you probably should have seen coming, but maybe didn't expect to happen so fast? Or maybe you're a psychic & predicted all of this from the beginning... Either way, get ready for tons of updates to finish off the year!