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Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.20!

It's time again for a browser extension update, because V1.20 of Perfection Search has officially been released! The V1.20 update to  Perfection Search  adds another feature recently added over from the  TKKS Website Reconstructed  though mostly being an aesthetic, in the form of the first  Perfection Search  Font Update! The finalization of the adding of official TKKS fonts to replace all of the default fonts provided to you has reached completion as an extension of the TKKS Reconstruct project, & with that comes the updating of fonts on  Perfection Search , allowing you to open with even more perfection! Make sure to update your browser extension, or install it if you have yet to do so! (Also, in case you were wondering, V1.19 was skipped as it was merely the updating of the  Perfection Search  manifest file to be compatible with the webstores you find it in. It was merely an internalized update.)

Happy (late) New Year 2024!

Yeah, we know. It took longer than usual, but it has finally happened: the first official TKKS News update of 2024! At the end of 2023 a lot of chaos happened almost immediately:  the person who does the TKKS updates  getting sick & a temporary update outage due to technical difficulties in almost a consecutive timespan! However, as soon as he was better & everything had fixed, mass update production had began immediately, & much has already been updated within the very first month of 2024! You'll be seeing multiple updates such as ones to  Perfection Search , a few minor updates to the  Tiles & Placeholder  themes, an Art Log on the  TKKS Culture of Perfection website , the very quick return to regular update pace of the  ExpiredPill Series , & the vast degree of production done & continuing to be done to the  TKKS Website Reconstructed ! Updates and production in 2024 are planned to vastly accelerate, & along with that, you can now enjoy the TKKS 2024