Happy (late) New Year 2024!

Yeah, we know. It took longer than usual, but it has finally happened: the first official TKKS News update of 2024! At the end of 2023 a lot of chaos happened almost immediately: the person who does the TKKS updates getting sick & a temporary update outage due to technical difficulties in almost a consecutive timespan! However, as soon as he was better & everything had fixed, mass update production had began immediately, & much has already been updated within the very first month of 2024!

You'll be seeing multiple updates such as ones to Perfection Search, a few minor updates to the Tiles & Placeholder themes, an Art Log on the TKKS Culture of Perfection website, the very quick return to regular update pace of the ExpiredPill Series, & the vast degree of production done & continuing to be done to the TKKS Website Reconstructed!

Updates and production in 2024 are planned to vastly accelerate, & along with that, you can now enjoy the TKKS 2024 poster!

Happy (late) New Year!