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Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.21!

It's time to update your extension again! However, the V1.21 update doesn't add any new features, as it merely adds a slight modification to the Chrome Web Store variant of  Perfection Search  so as to make it more browser-compatible with recent Chromium updates. Now you can search with perfection.

Happy Valentine's Day 2024!

 A day of love, science, &  one of our favorites , Valentine's Day is a perfect time for an expression of care! & what better way to do this than to enjoy some exclusive TKKS Valentine's Day art? You could share it with anyone you care about, or enjoy it for yourself! (Or you could do both?)

TKKS Minor Update Log #73

• Mass production to the  TKKS Website Reconstructed • Major display updates to the  TKKS Website App • Continuation of the TKKS Rewritten Update • Major display updates to the  TKKS Culture of Perfection website • Minor updates to the  Tiles & Placeholder  themes • Mass art production • Mass internalized updates • Music production • Updates to  Perfection Search