Happy 2022 Thanksgiving!

TKKS wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving of absolute perfection, where, this time for the first time, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with a TKKS gift by your side!

There's a lot to be thankful for this year, so if you've reached a state where you don't even know anymore, TKKS can give you something helpful to remember, such as how you can be thankful to have finally found an entity that is never anything short of absolute perfection!

That very same entity happens to be thankful to have people like you who have done so much to contribute to perfection by doing things so little, such as visiting the TKKS websites & app every day!

Speaking of which, there's a message awaiting you on the TKKS Website App for Thanksgiving right now! It's nice to know that you can celebrate Thanksgiving & Fun Fact Thursday on the same day. (Something else to be thankful for actually, because you might not have that next year!)

Anyway, TKKS wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving & would like to thank you for however much you've done to contribute.

Enjoy the perfection! (& the food, of course.)