Perfection Search has officially been updated to V1.13!

The TKKS Perfection Search web browser extension has officially been updated to V1.13!

This all-NEW update implements another update import from the ever-in-production TKKS Website Reconstructed to ensure that you can open with even more perfection.

However, the said update being implemented is actually one of the NEWER features of the TKKS Website Reconstructed, & though nothing that happens to the TKKS Website Reconstructed will be considered an actual update until it reaches completion, the update will be considered an update to Perfection Search, henceforth being the ALL-NEW Gradiental Update!

This update adds dark gradiental transitions to certain areas of your perfection opening, which can have various effects depending on what you (the user) does & where the gradients are implemented.

The Gradiental Update can be considered as an extension or add-on to the Tiles Update, as it is only implemented to (some) areas exclusive of the Utility Navigator where the Tiles Update is present.