There's an easy way to distinguish between TKKS website types!

With an ever-expanding number of the various TKKS websites (all of which can be viewed on another TKKS website, that website being the TKKS Website Manager), & a new era of reconstructed TKKS websites rapidly approaching, distinguishing between the TKKS websites becomes gradually more difficult over time.

This is why TKKS has created a small yet major tidbit hint of a way for you to tell what kind of TKKS website you're on in the URL of every single TKKS website you visit!

It's also easy to use it: simply direct yourself to the start of the URL of any TKKS website you visit & search for the letters 'og'. If you see the letters 'og' near the start of any TKKS website you visit, you will know that you're on a classic-style TKKS website. Only TKKS websites that use the classic-style format will have the letters 'og' near or at the start of their URL.

If you don't see the letters 'og' near or at the start of the URL, or in the URL entirely, you will know you're on a new reconstruct-style TKKS website. Most (but not all) TKKS websites with no 'og' in their URLs are reconstruct-style websites, though others, like the one you're on right now, are TKKS websites that just don't use the classic-style format, but aren't reconstructed either.

To summarize:

'og' near or at start of URL = Guaranteed classic-style format TKKS website
No 'og' near or at start of URL or in URL entirely = TKKS website that does not use the classic-style format, 80% chance to be a TKKS website that uses the reconstruct-style format

Visit the TKKS Website Manager to view all of the TKKS websites!