TKKS Fun Fact: There have been many updates to, both major & minor, & you probably didn't even know!

Yes, there was just one of these yesterday, but it's Fun Fact day again! (Except, for the TKKS Website App this time.) So, here's a Fun Fact you probably didn't know:

There's a small TKKS website that gets updated about as much as the TKKS Website ClassicTKKS Website Reconstructed, & the TKKS Website App combined called gets updated this much due to being a literal testing ground for TKKS updates to all TKKS websites (mostly the TKKS Website Reconstructed though).

This means that any update that comes to any TKKS website is first tested through for various developer reasons.

This means that if you want to test-run work-in-progress TKKS features, you probably want to go to! There are a lot of updates that have been added there in the past 24 hours alone, let alone weeks or however long it's been since the last time you checked it!