MORE massive updates to

Have you been visiting every day? If not, there's an overwhelmingly large number of updates that you probably missed, but nevertheless, now would be a great time to start! Quickly too, because depending on the time you're reading this & the speed with which you're reading, you could be missing several updates right at this very second! is a highly experimental testing ground TKKS website used for redirecting purposes & feature testing for various TKKS websites, the most prominent of which being the TKKS Website Reconstructed mostly due to the new version of existing solely due to the Reconstruct Overhaul project of TKKS websites.

Due to a mass speed-production on the TKKS Website Reconstructed to get closer to Alpha, has undergone a mass frenzy of daily-to-hourly production every day for the past couple weeks, with mass changes & new concepts being created by the hour!