The TKKS Website Reconstructed is now closer to reaching alpha than ever before!

Over the past few weeks, major updates & major progress has been made to heavily accelerate the TKKS Website Reconstructed on the way to reaching alpha (that is to say, a third of the way to full completion), & enough mass production has been made to where at the current state of the website & at the current rate of the updates, there is a highly likely possibility that the TKKS Website Reconstructed could officially reach alpha by the end of THIS month, if not before!

Upon reaching alpha, you may notice a few changes to the general language used around the TKKS Website, as well as some modifications to the TKKS environment in general. For example, the predecessor to the TKKS Website Reconstructed is already now being referred to as the "TKKS Website Classic" to prepare for some of these changes & to distinguish between the TKKS websites (the TKKS Website Classic will always be available for legacy & preservation purposes however, unlike the historical Cristil Crum Website it will not be terminated), & a lot of recommendations for visiting the TKKS Website Reconstructed have already been added around the TKKS Website Classic as well.

When the TKKS Website Reconstructed officially reaches alpha, the term 'TKKS Website' itself will change meaning to a more neutral stance that can be referred to either the TKKS Website Classic, the TKKS Website Reconstructed, or both.
(When the TKKS Website Reconstructed reaches full completion, the term will then be exclusive to the TKKS Website Reconstructed, & the TKKS Website Classic will be referred to exclusively as just that.)

There is more to be said about the progress of the TKKS Website Reconstructed, of which will be revealed in the coming weeks as the website goes full-speed-ahead towards alpha.