New Flamey Series™ wallpapers have officially been released to the TKKS Website App!

Another new wave of TKKS wallpapers has officially been released!

Today, the finalization of the all-new set of official Flamey Series™ wallpapers has been completed & early-released to the TKKS Website App!

The set includes 8 new official Flamey Series™ wallpapers, with almost all of them representing a different canonical period of time during the Flamey Series™, for examples including but not limited to the rescuing of Mine Chou's life from Clin TouKin Pou's acquisition of the Flamey Championship, & the battle between Kin Pou & Clin Tou for the Black Belt of Infinity Power!

Upon completion of all new waves of TKKS wallpapers, every wave of wallpapers will then be released to the TKKS Website Classic & eventually in time, the TKKS Website Reconstructed (though there's potential this could happen sooner than expected), but until then, every wave of wallpapers that gets released will be exclusively available on the TKKS Website App.