Font Update 3.0 has officially arrived to the TKKS Website App!

Another TKKS Font Update has been released! However, this one is different...

The previous font updates that have been added to the TKKS Website Classic & the TKKS Website App were mostly layout redesigns with the intention of updating the foundational layout of the TKKS pages/sections available to the specific platforms.

What distinguishes Font Update 3.0 for the TKKS Website App is that it not only builds on the Font Update added to the TKKS Website App prior to this one through expansion, but it also does so through using a certain feature from the TKKS Website Reconstructed in order to build upon certain areas that the other Font Updates were incapable of building upon due to some resources not being available. (In case it wasn't obvious, the TKKS Website Reconstructed is being built in a way different manner than literally all of the other TKKS websites that exist currently with the one exception of the new version of, thus explaining why it's taking a much longer time period to complete. The wait will be worth it though!)