TKKS Fun Fact: There's a big one of these today, by which we mean two!

It's the start of February, which is the start of a new month, which is the start of a new Monthly Fun Fact for the TKKS Website Classic- except this time there's a small twist!

& it's called addition, because this time there's TWO Fun Facts on one TKKS Website Classic Fun Fact panel!

Two Fun Facts! That will both be there for an entire month!

An extremely rare TKKS event, this will only happen when there are several major announcement events occurring at the same time, with, the TKKS Website Reconstructed continuing production, the all-new work-in-progress TKKS Rewritten Update to both the TKKS Website Classic & the TKKS Website App, & a small but soon to be major TKKS product in production, there certainly is, with Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™ production being created, multiplied, & amplified by the microseconds!