The all-NEW TKKS "Classic Turquoise" web browser theme has officially been released!

Remember the minor secret project mentioned a few times in previous TKKS Minor Update Logs & general updates before?

Well, wait no longer, as the waiting time to use it ends today! The all-NEW official TKKS "Classic Turquoise" web browser theme has officially launched & been released today!

You know that extra unexplained color alongside several pieces of TKKS art that goes along with the TKKS Tiles Update & the TKKS Placeholder Colors Update (both being two updates that have been perfectly merged into a browser theme of their own!)?

That has all been part of an update now known as the TKKS "Restoration to Classicification" Update, which adds the random shades of turquoise used in the TKKS 2019 era back into the general TKKS theme in a more organized fashion of perfection!

& now, just like the TKKS Tiles Update, the TKKS Placeholder Colors Update, & the TKKS logo Dark Theme Update, the (new!) TKKS Restoration to Classicification Update has received it's own standalone browser theme!

Additionally, unlike the updates mentioned above, Classic Turquoise is not a merging of any updates, as it's one entire update made into a browser theme. (We're not sure if you see that as a good thing or not but if you prefer mergers, Tiles & Placeholder is one of three merged!)

Now, with the all-NEW TKKS Classic Turquoise theme, you can take your browser back to a classic era of TKKS 2019! A time where the Cristil Crum Full Website still existed, &, if you can really remember, the TKKS Website Classic used to look like this:

Restore nostalgia.