Major layout update to the TKKS News website

Depending on what you do in your daily TKKS-website-opening routine, you may have already seen it or know this, but the website you are currently reading this News Post on has received a major update!

A major update that has all been directed to a single area: go back to the main page of the TKKS News website & direct to the top-left corner, then come back & skip to the first sentence of the next line. Or don't, that's fine, but we'll act like you did anyway, so why not do it?

What you just experienced was the all-NEW major layout update to the TKKS News website! This update adds several categorical dividers to the TKKS News website sidebar, making it easier to distinguish the update posts & filter your update feed to only include update posts specifically tailored to the TKKS topics that YOU care about, rather than having every new post about every TKKS topic lined up on your feed like on the main page, though there's a filter where you can choose to do this anyway if you want. You can choose to filter updates to be specific to your favorite TKKS Franchise, website, or product! Or you can filter between minor & major TKKS updates!