You can jumpstart the quality of your year, starting with your web browser!

Exactly 2 years ago now, TKKS released the Perfection Search web browser extension.

Many people added it to their web browser, even with the fact that at it's initial release, with it, you could only search with perfection.

That was the Perfection Search V1.0 of 2021.

Many updates have happened since then. With the current Perfection Search you can now not only search with perfection, but also...

• Start with perfection
• Save with perfection
• Open with perfection
• Open to perfection
• Launch with perfection
• Go home to perfection

& much more.

Perfection Search has already perfectionized the web browsers of many people, so if you've never heard of Perfection Search up until this point...

(Only available on computer web browsers, for now.)