TKKS Fun Fact: The TKKS Website App is undergoing a 'classic makeover'!

It's Fun Fact day for the TKKS Website App (in case you didn't know, the TKKS Website App gets updated weekly as opposed to the TKKS Website Classic getting updated monthly), & a lot has happened to the TKKS Website App since the first App-Fun-Fact of the year!

The TKKS Rewritten Update is more heavily affecting the TKKS Website App more so than the TKKS Website Classic as the TKKS Website App version includes (some) character redesigns, a revamped & rewritten 'Information Profile' for major characters, & small pages added for smaller characters within the TKKS Franchises to finally give those minor characters some long-awaited recognition in the hall-of-perfection!

So far, the Rewritten Update has been completed for the Cristil Crum Series™, the Boxer Series™, & the Flamey Series™.