TKKS Fun Fact: The TKKS Website App gets 4 Fun Facts this January, while the TKKS Website Classic only gets one!

Did you know that by the end of January in 2023, the TKKS Website App will have received a grand total of four Fun Facts as opposed to the TKKS Website Classic's final tally of exactly one?

This is because on every Thursday in January, the TKKS Website App has received a new Fun Fact, whereas the TKKS Website Classic has only received a Fun Fact at the beginning of January, on the 1st.

Why? Because the TKKS Website App always receives a new Fun Fact every Thursday during every month, whereas the TKKS Website Classic always receives a new Fun Fact at the beginning of every month.

Additionally, as of Thursday, January 26th, you have already reached the 4th day of the Fun Facts, meaning the TKKS Website App has received its last Fun Fact of the month of January today!