The TKKS Website Reconstructed has officially entered alpha stage!

Over the past months, production of the TKKS Website Reconstructed has been heavily accelerated into overdrive after the TKKS Website Reconstructed had reached a state where it was past the beginning stages of development.

Since this has happened, many many updates & features had been added to it (all of which will be revealed upon its completion), with a relatively small amount of updates & refinements left to be added to the central parts of the TKKS Website Reconstructed, which upon being added will immediately push the TKKS Website Reconstructed into delta stage (two thirds of the way to completion), in which all that would remain to be done would be the complete & absolute reconstruction of all TKKS franchise pages & sections, which, depending on the state of the TKKS Website Reconstructed, could be the part of the reconstruction that takes either the shortest or the longest time to finish out of everything else.

Though the TKKS Website Reconstructed still has a potentially very long way to go before reaching full completion, having now reached alpha stage has officially put it on track to being one third of the way there!

With the TKKS Website Reconstructed having officially reached alpha, a few naming updates will be applied to other TKKS websites.
The way this will be determined is by the subdomains (the part of the URL with a dot that comes before the actual URL) of the TKKS websites.

If you go to a TKKS website & notice "og." at the beginning of the URL, you will know you are on a TKKS website that was created within the Classic format. If there is not a "og." there or anywhere else in the URL, you will know you are on a TKKS website created in Reconstruct format.

This means that the TKKS website you're probably used to going to ( is now officially the TKKS Website Classic, though until the TKKS Website Reconstructed reaches full completion, both can be referred to as the official TKKS website regardless.

This also means that websites like the TKKS Website App WebsiteTKKS Website Manager, & TKKS Culture of Perfection, for examples, are also Classic format websites, though for the sake of simplicity, if a Classic format website does not yet have a reconstructed counterpart in existence yet, the Classic format website can be assumed to be just the standard official website until a reconstructed counterpart exists, in which case the Classic format websites will be referred to exclusively as Classic websites (for example, The TKKS Website Manager can be referred to as just the TKKS Website Manager, until a reconstructed counterpart of it comes into existence, in which case the TKKS Website Manager will then be referred to exclusively as the TKKS Website Manager Classic.).

This means that so far, the official website is the one located at, & the one located at is exclusively Classic, because the reconstructed version of has already reached full completion.

Reconstruct format websites are to be referred to with the suffix "Reconstructed" until they reach full completion, in which case they are to be referred to exclusively just as their website name, though upon reaching further stages of development before reaching full completion, the suffix of "Reconstructed" becomes optional although still recommended.