An alternative Android APK file for the TKKS Website App has officially been released!

A recent update to the Android OS & Google Play has forced the Google Play variant of the TKKS Website App to become incompatible for some Android devices, with presumably more to come in the future.

TKKS has made many attempts to update the Google Play variant of the TKKS Website App natively, but to no prevail, as Google Play has rejected TKKS updates.

So as an alternative, TKKS has released an official Android APK variant of the TKKS Website App available to be downloaded & installed to all Android devices!

It's completely identical to the Google Play variant of the TKKS Website App, aside from the fact that it isn't from Google Play.

To install it, simply click/tap on this link on your Android phone so that the file can install, then open the file.

Your phone may give you a prompt or warning of some sort due to the fact that the APK (Android Package Kit) file is an app installation file that doesn't come from Google Play, so simply follow the necessary instructions to disable whatever may be blocking the app from installing or to enable installation from other sources. A more detailed explanation can be found on this third-party website.

(Something that may be important to note is that the APK is intended to be used exclusively for devices that the Google Play variant of the TKKS Website App is incompatible for, so unless you can't find the TKKS Website App in the Google Play Store or the TKKS Website App has been erased from your device, TKKS would recommend you to use the Google Play variant of the TKKS Website App if it is still available for you instead of using the APK.

Unless you want two of the TKKS Website App on your device?)