The TKKS Website Reconstructed officially enters delta stage!

Over almost two years now, the TKKS Website Reconstructed has been in constant & daily production (that continues even today!), & a lot has been added to it in that timespan. Though nothing can be officially revealed yet as the website is still in production, what is definitely known is that the stage of production that the website in has officially gone out of alpha stage & into delta stage!

Most of the outer bounds of the TKKS Website Reconstructed has been completed (though from now to probably eternity, there will always be a few minor touch-up type updates to the website, as a lot of stuff is planned to be done in the future for TKKS in general), & now, the next phase of development for the website is going to be primarily focusing in on building up the inner details within the website, such as the creator & franchise pages, along with any other pages from the TKKS Website Classic that are currently being redirected to as placeholders from the TKKS Website Reconstructed.

With the production of the TKKS Website Reconstructed being officially halfway completed & now entering the semi-finals, there will be some slight changes to other TKKS websites as a reflection result. One such change would be the referencing of the TKKS Website Reconstructed changing from being in alpha stage to being in delta stage, but many more are coming as well, such as a total overhaul of the way franchise pages are seen on both the TKKS Website Classic & the TKKS Website App, the finalization of the Font Updates to both websites, & the continuation of the Rewritten Update as well as its expansion to apply to official character designs! Additionally, official music for both general TKKS & the TKKS franchises will be in production, differing from how it is usually in that soon you will be able to actually listen to it! Official general TKKS artwork will also be updating, along with the universal wallpapers (as with all the other wallpapers as part of the Rewritten Update).

You may also notice some of the language used on the TKKS Website Classic & the TKKS Website Reconstructed change, as it will be a lot more obvious that the stages of development are advancing, as the TKKS Website Classic will not any longer use the term "TKKS Website" by itself to refer to itself, & all referencing to that website specifically will now explicitly include the word "Classic".

The TKKS Website Reconstructed is in the semi-final stage of production, so if you want to watch the production continue as it slowly but surely reaches the finals & then completion, be sure to visit it every day! Or, you can continue to use the TKKS Website Classic every day & wait for the TKKS Website Reconstructed to reach completion in order to get that full burst of perfection at once to explore!