TKKS Fun Fact: There's going to be a frenzy of these soon!

Did you know that although today isn't the kind of Fun Fact-blowout that you could expect on a month-beginning Thursday (though with 3 Fun Facts in a single day, it is pretty close), the event that is happening is similar enough?

This is because 2023's November begins on a Wednesday, which is right before Thursday, which is when the TKKS Website App gets a Fun Fact of its own!

With 3 Fun Facts on a single day (which has the potential to happen indefinitely, regardless of whether it's a Thursday or not, though we wouldn't recommend to count on it), & an additional Fun Fact the next day, that's 4 Fun Facts in the timespan of 2 days!

& this doesn't even factor in the dozens of other sources there could be Fun Facts on...

Sure, there usually never are, but you never know!

There's a 1 in 100 chance you could end up with 10+ Fun Facts in a single day!

Try not to be too utopian though...