TKKS Fun Fact: There's multiple of these today (again)!

Did you know that from this point forward there's a random chace of receiving a maximum of 4 Fun Facts at the beginning of every month (if the beginning of the month happens to be on a Thursday)?

This is because with the TKKS Website Classic & the TKKS Website Reconstructed receiving a new Fun Fact every month (though there is also a random chance they could be the same Fun Fact), the TKKS Website App receiving one Fun Fact every week on Thursday, & a random chance to receive a Fun Fact through TKKS News every now & then, this means that at the start of a month if it is Thursday, there is a chance you could receive a maximum of 4 different Fun Facts in one day!

(Though there is also a chance you may as well receive only one Fun Fact, since there's a chance the same Fun Fact could be used across all 4 websites! You never know for sure...)